Impact of drug addiction to the family

Every individual influences their social environment, family being an integral part, and in turn are influenced by it.  The relationship between individual and the family is very close.  An addicted individual cannot be understood and treated effectively without considering the impact on the whole family.  Addiction impacts a family’s finances, physical health, and psychological wellbeing.  There exists a reciprocal relationship between the disease of drug addiction and the family of the addicted person.

The addictive behavior causes indescribable harm to the family given that the individual ends up withdrawing from family’s activities and bonding.  The drugs cause a relevant impact in the individual’s live, leading him/her to psychological losses – the breaking of family bonds and harm to his/her health.  At such level, maintaining family relationships is very difficult, to the extent to which the individual has the tendency to substitute such relationship with family with the relationship with the drug.

In DHCS, we assist our patient and family by providing comprehensive and humanized care with a view to re-establishing the patient’s relationship with his/her family, helping them to deal with the confrontations which drug addiction causes.  We understand that the family is, somewhat, as ill as their patient who is the drug addict.  The family also need to transform the vision it has of itself, from victim to co-participant, from guilty to co-responsible, and from impotent to competent. Re-establishing the patient’s relationship with his/her family is key in the therapy we provide.

We are here to help!  We will work with you and your family to support long-term recovery.